Mary Tao


2014 — 2015

During my time at Coursera, I worked on Monetization, and user experience initiatives, with the objective of clearing the path towards enabling users to access Coursera's paid products more easily. I also worked with key stakeholders within the company to change the perception of value of our certified courses and project-based learning initiatives.

My responsibilities there as a product designer included: coordinating and running user research sessions with our User Researchers to understand a problem, designing and developing prototypes to test with users, running two week sprints to understand the impacts of our tests, and working with cross-functional dev teams to deliver a solution.

While at Coursera I also embarked on several internal culture initiatives: outfitting our 2015 Pride parade contingent, branding for Hackathons, posters for special visiting speakers, such as Al Gore, and last but not least Value posters and murals, to remind our teammates what we are all striving for.